The events API

Helpers for getting GitHub API events
api = GhApi()



 GhApi.list_events (per_page=30, page=1, username=None, org=None,
                    owner=None, repo=None)

Fetch public events for repo network, org, user, or all



 GhApi.list_events_parallel (per_page=30, n_pages=8, username=None,
                             org=None, owner=None, repo=None)

Fetch as many events from list_events in parallel as available

list_events and list_events_parallel support the following:

Events from Example
Organization api.list_events_parallel(org='fastai')
User api.list_events_parallel(username='jph00')
Repository network api.list_events_parallel(owner='fastai', repo='fastcore')
All public api.list_events_parallel()



Class for events returned from `fetch_events

print([snake2camel(o)+'Event' for o in Event])
['PageBuildEvent', 'ContentReferenceEvent', 'RepositoryImportEvent', 'CreateEvent', 'WorkflowRunEvent', 'DeleteEvent', 'OrganizationEvent', 'SponsorshipEvent', 'ProjectColumnEvent', 'PushEvent', 'ContextEvent', 'MilestoneEvent', 'ProjectCardEvent', 'ProjectEvent', 'PackageEvent', 'PullRequestEvent', 'RepositoryDispatchEvent', 'TeamAddEvent', 'WorkflowDispatchEvent', 'MemberEvent', 'MetaEvent', 'CodeScanningAlertEvent', 'PublicEvent', 'NeedsEvent', 'CheckRunEvent', 'SecurityAdvisoryEvent', 'PullRequestReviewCommentEvent', 'OrgBlockEvent', 'CommitCommentEvent', 'WatchEvent', 'MarketplacePurchaseEvent', 'StarEvent', 'InstallationRepositoriesEvent', 'CheckSuiteEvent', 'GithubAppAuthorizationEvent', 'TeamEvent', 'StatusEvent', 'RepositoryVulnerabilityAlertEvent', 'PullRequestReviewEvent', 'LabelEvent', 'InstallationEvent', 'ReleaseEvent', 'IssuesEvent', 'RepositoryEvent', 'GollumEvent', 'MembershipEvent', 'DeploymentEvent', 'DeployKeyEvent', 'IssueCommentEvent', 'PingEvent', 'DeploymentStatusEvent', 'ForkEvent', 'ScheduleEvent']



 GhApi.fetch_events (n_pages=3, pause=0.4, per_page=30, types=None,
                     incl_bot=False, username=None, org=None, owner=None,

Generate an infinite stream of events, optionally filtered to types, withpause` seconds between requests



 load_sample_events ()

Load sample events, downloading if needed



 save_sample_events (n=5000)

Save the most recent n events as compressed JSON

5000 sample events (taken from a single recent period) are available, and are downloaded and cached by load_sample_events. full_type provides the combination of type and payload.action (where available) for each event. Here’s the frequency of all full_types in the sample:

evts = load_sample_events()
x,y = zip(*Counter([o.full_type for o in evts]).most_common())
plt.figure(figsize=(8, 6))

You can use the description, text, and emoji properties to display events, e.g:

exs = [first(evts, risinstance(o)) for o in described_evts]

def _fmt_evt(o):
    res = f'{o.emoji} **{}** ' + truncstr(f'{o.description} *{}',60) + '*'
    if o.text: res += f': "{truncstr(o.text, 50)}"'
    return res.replace('\n',' ')

Markdown('|Type|Description|\n|:--|:--|\n' +
         '\n'.join(f'|{camel2words(o.type.replace("PullRequest","PR ")[:-5])}|{_fmt_evt(o)}|' for o in exs))
Type Description
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