Internal - OpenAPI Parser

This library leverages the OpenAPI Specification to create a python client for the GitHub API. The OpenAPI specification contains metadata on all of the endpoints and how to access them properly. Using this metadata, we can construct a python client dynamically that updates automatically along with the OpenAPI Spec.



 build_funcs (nm='ghapi/', url='
    ', docurl='')

Build module from an Open API spec and optionally filter by a path pre

This module created by build_funcs contains a list of metadata for each endpoint, containing the path, verb, operation id, summary, documentation relative URL, and list of parameters (if any), e.g:

from ghapi.metadata import funcs
GhMeta(path='/app/hook/config', verb='get', oper_id='apps/get-webhook-config-for-app', summary='Get a webhook configuration for an app', doc_url='rest/reference/apps#get-a-webhook-configuration-for-an-app', params=[], data=[], preview='')